What to see in Lima

Linda Voltaire24 May, 2019Travel

Lima – Ceviche, Pisco Sour, Obama & So Much More! What about being a neighbor to the most powerful man in the world? During our days in Lima, we have had the pleasure of following Obama closely. Due to his extensive crew and protection, we knew when he left in the morning and when he was back in the night and if we felt a bit unsafe when driving through the suburbs close to Lima airport, this feeling was gone the minute we arrived at our apartment. It is not every day you have 10 Secret Service guys standing outside your house following your every move.

Things To Do in Tbilisi

Linda Voltaire23 May, 2019Travel

The Ultimate Tbilisi Travel Guide – Top 6 Things To Do In Tbilisi The Georgian capital is a growingly popular tourist destination and with good reason. A gem among Eastern European or rather Eurasian cities, to visit Tbilisi is to walk among millennia of history! Georgian history dates back to millennia before Christ, and there are traces of this rich heritage everywhere. Read all about my favorite spots in this shabby chic little city in this Tbilisi travel guide and check out my Tbilisi Travel Story. Find out all about what things to do in Tbilisi, plus my favorite hotels in Tbilisi Georgia!

Boutique Hotel Tbilisi

Linda Voltaire21 May, 2019Travel

The Best Hotels In Tbilisi: The Rooms – A True Hipster Gem! Tbilisi is a true haven for hipsters and design lovers. I enjoyed every minute of my stay here and if it would not have been for romantic Tbilisi waiting to be explored outside the doorsteps. Here is my review of The Rooms, my favorite boutique hotel Tbilisi, easily among the best hotels in Tbilisi!

Boutique Hotels in Las Vegas

Linda Voltaire20 May, 2019Travel

Wynn Las Vegas: A Luxury Oasis In The Wild City In The Desert! With a billboard perpetually filled with the biggest names in entertainment and sports, Las Vegas is like a big playground for grown-ups. It’s the perfect vacationing spot for anyone who loves a great party, as the top hotels in Las Vegas Nevada prove. It’s also a city of luxury, with great boutique hotels in Las Vegas.

Restaurants in Moscow

Linda Voltaire16 May, 2019Travel

8 Gorgeous Rooftops In Moscow For Dining & Drinking Among The Clouds! Big cities have a certain quality that makes them unique, only united by impressive skylines, and rooftops in Moscow are no exception. Russia’s capital should be viewed from above. Some of the top eateries stand among the clouds, on the best rooftop restaurants in Moscow! Look down and enjoy the vibe of some of the best restaurants in Moscow.

Tulum Travel Guide

Linda Voltaire15 May, 2019Travel

Tulum Travel Guide: The Best Things To Do In Tulum Tulum, located in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, holds one of the best-preserved ancient Mayan cities on the Caribbean coast. In recent years, the town has also become a hub for ecotourism, thanks to gems such as the surviving local practices of the ancient Mayas to the beautiful Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve. So you can imagine the wide variety of things to do in Tulum!

Things to do in Hua Hin

Linda Voltaire14 May, 2019Travel

Paradisiac Hua Hin is only three hours away from Bangkok by car, and worth the road trip! It is a resort town most frequently visited by Thais trying to get away from the big city. Like many beaches in Thailand, this beautiful place is fairly touristic but with the many things to do in Hua Hin, you shouldn’t let that stop you! In my Hua Hin travel guide, I will show you all my favorites spots that will ensure you get an amazing vacation here. Additionally, I’ve included a small Hua Hin restaurant guide!

What to See in Bangkok

Linda Voltaire10 May, 2019Travel

Bangkok – The First Stop Of Our 2 Months Travel! Bangkok you always make me happy, you make me smile and as crazy as it might sound, it is in this bustling city, I find peace. A creative chaos, a vibe that I have not found anywhere else. This is where my creativity thrive, where a lot of great ideas are born. Well, me and Bangkok for sure have a special relationship. So I was very happy to be here again and so was Fred!

Best Things to do in Melbourne

Linda Voltaire09 May, 2019Travel

12 Things To Do In Melbourne Away From The Tourist Traps As the cultural capital of Australia, you can expect the hipster places in Melbourne to include a bit of everything. Melbourne hosts a myriad of cool cafés, rooftops and incredible places to hang out. From incredible street art to a crazy variety of brunch spots, it’s one of the most cosmopolitan cities I’ve visited. If looking for the best things to do in Melbourne beyond the crowds, where the cool locals thrive, then it is the hip Melbourne suburbs that you should visit.

Best Photography Spots in Mykonos

Linda Voltaire09 May, 2019Travel

17 Most Instagram Worthy Places In Mykonos Every Photography Lover Must Visit! Mykonos might be the most iconic of all Greek islands. Well-known for its beautiful blue beaches and its enchanting old village, it’s a very popular summer destination. And, of course, when you’re at the Mediterranean, you need your fix of astonishingly beautiful places. This is why I’ve prepared a guide of the 18 most Instagram worthy places in Mykonos! Read all about the best photography spots in Mykonos.

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