Where To Stay in Sydney

Linda Voltaire15 Jul, 2019Travel

Our Boutique Heaven Steps Away From The Sydney Harbour! The largest city of Oceania has a lot to offer, with plenty of charming Sydney hotels to choose from. This vibrant Australian city has so much to offer, and where to stay in Sydney became a challenge. Sydney offers so many incredible options for design and boutique hotel lovers! When deciding where to stay in Sydney, all you have to do is pick your favorite area and price level.

Accommodation Whitianga NZ

Linda Voltaire12 Jul, 2019Travel

WoodyHanger Lodge for Best Accommodation Whitianga Nz: A Piece of New Zealand Paradise on Top of the Mountains! When searching for hotels for our 6-day road trip around northern New Zealand, I realized I had a challenge. Finding the boutique and personal experience outside the main cities wasn’t easy. Sometimes you are lucky to find truly unique places. Places that will stay in your heart for a long time. WoodyHanger is for sure one of those – we were lucky to land in this accommodation Whitianga NZ. If you’re looking for an amazing bed and breakfast New Zealand, this is the spot for you!

The Power of Travel

Linda Voltaire10 Jul, 2019Travel

Time for some travel blogger reflection! What is travel for you? What is the reason for you traveling the world? Do you know Know The Power of Travel? We need to travel with our planet in mind. Making us think about how we travel to various destinations, how often & ensuring that the local societies benefit from tourism, not only big international players!⁣

Holiday Destinations in South America

Linda Voltaire09 Jul, 2019Travel

4 South American Destinations for Millennial Travellers. From landmarks built by ancient civilizations to cool and cosmopolitan cities with vibrant carnivals, South America is could be the perfect choice If you are looking for your next adventure. Find the most popular holiday destinations in South America. It is a mind-blowing picturesque continent with a vibrant Latin vibe.

Luxury Boutique Hotels Amsterdam

Linda Voltaire08 Jul, 2019Travel

11 Incredible Luxury Boutique Hotels in Amsterdam for a Dreamy Vacay! There’s something magical about Amsterdam. The lovely houses by the canals, the tulips on every corner, the people going about their lives on their bikes. This contemporary metropolis also has a little old-timey charm, which is why there are so many incredible luxury boutique hotels in Amsterdam. There are plenty of lovely areas in the Dutch capital, which is why I recommend staying in several of them. The question of where to stay in Amsterdam has plenty of right answers! When doing thorough research on where to stay in Amsterdam, I found 11 incredible places. Let’s get into the coolest luxury boutique hotels Amsterdam!

Best Restaurants in Bangkok

Linda Voltaire05 Jul, 2019Travel

6 Magic Rooftop Restaurants In Bangkok & Some More Favorite Eateries Of Mine! Bangkok is the city of rooftops, to enjoy the Thai capital among the stars! Many of the best restaurants in Bangkok are also mesmerizing rooftops. Float in the heavens at your favorite luxurious rooftop restaurant in Bangkok and feel the pulse of the metropolis.

Florida Tourist Attractions

Linda Voltaire04 Jul, 2019Travel

Graffiti, Alligators & Luxurious Road Trip – Florida Has It All! After having explored the Keys, the east coast of Florida was up next! From the artistic vibe in Wynwood to alligators in Everglades and a luxurious Florida road trip to West Palm Beach – we enjoyed all the many Florida tourist attractions!

Things To Do in Portugal

Linda Voltaire03 Jul, 2019Travel

Things To Do In Portugal – 3 Villages To Fall In Love With. Portugal is full of sweet little villages from all phases of the country’s rich history. If you love small towns with a lot of charm, Portugal will become your favorite country and a village visit you should put on the list of things to do in Portugal. Here are my 3 favorite Portuguese villages!

Venice Beach Travel Guide

Linda Voltaire02 Jul, 2019Travel

My Venice Beach Travel Guide: 12 Wonderful Activities For The Ultimate California Vacay. Not to be confused with the Italian city with the canals, California’s version of Venice is quite an experience. Once a shabbier part of the huge Los Angeles, it’s now one of the trendiest areas in town. There’s a myriad of fun things to do in here to get into the hip vibe of this district, including trendy restaurants Venice Beach. No other place feels quite like this California gem, and it’s a true joy to walk around and discover the district. I hope my Venice Beach travel guide inspires you to visit!

Summer Destinations In Europe

Linda Voltaire01 Jul, 2019Travel

The 8 Most Beautiful Summer Destinations In Europe For The Best Summer Vibes! The northern hemisphere is quickly approaching the most fun time of the year: the hotter months. For those of us in the Old Continent (or anyone traveling there), the most beautiful summer destinations in Europe await. While things get a little more crowded during this time of year, the south cannot possibly loose its charm. The best summer destinations in Europe include ancient cities full of history, beaches as far as the eye can see and natural paradises of all sorts.

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