Best Eastern European Cities

Linda Voltaire14 Nov, 2019Travel

Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union have some real hidden treasures that should be seen. So time for some Eastern Europe travel recommendations and my recommendations of the best Eastern European cities to visit. Five true hidden gems, not yet exploited by the masses. Travel beyond the crowds that is my favorite! Moving to Moscow four years ago, a new world opened up to me, a part of the world that was not on my mind or my travel bucket list. There is so much to see, so much to experience in this part of the world and I am sure you will get positively surprised and impressed by all five gems below and my favorites among the best Eastern European Cities to visit. All amazing but yet very different!

Miami Beach Activities

Linda Voltaire12 Nov, 2019Travel

Miami Beach. The weather, the beach, the sun, the palm trees, and the friendly people – they all make life a bit easier! Well, our days in Miami have been fantastic! Before this trip, Fredrik was not a fan of Miami and when I was here last time it literally rained cats and dogs for a full day. But now we are very happy we decided to start our trip here and we have both truly fallen in love with this city!

Sailing in Whitsunday Islands

Linda Voltaire08 Nov, 2019Travel

3 Days in A Magical Sailing in The Whitsundays Islands – A True Tropical Bliss! Time for some Whitsundays sailing adventures, namely three days of sailing in Whitsunday Islands! The sun was shining, the wind perfect and there she was. The blue beauty that would take us out on 3 days sailing in Whitsunday Islands. The Whitsunday sailing adventures, we will never forget!

Planning a Trip to New Zealand

Linda Voltaire07 Nov, 2019Travel

9 Things You Should Know To Plan The Perfect New Zealand Trip! New Zealand is one of the most beautiful and biodiverse countries in the world, well worth a visit for all nature lovers and adventurers. Consisting of two large islands (North and South) plus around 600 smaller ones, planning a trip to New Zealand can seem daunting. That’s why I’ve written three travel guides through the country, also including the best road trips in New Zealand! This southwestern Pacific country hosts majestic landscapes, a little like Scandinavia – only even more beautiful and dramatic. Home to mountains, glaciers, sandy beaches, vineyards, delicious food, green rolling hills, and endless movie sets, it’s a land of wonder.

Boutique Hotels Copenhagen

Linda Voltaire05 Nov, 2019Travel

11 Best Boutique Hotels In Copenhagen & The Best Areas To Stay! Copenhagen is the continental darling of Scandinavia; old, beautiful and metropolitan, it’s also small enough to feel intimate. Vibrant and happy, Danes are among the happiest citizens on Earth! A perfect city for a weekend, you can find fantastic shopping, food, and drinks. As it usually happens, the best area to stay in Copenhagen is beyond the crowds. And as you can imagine from a great Scandinavian capital, the best boutique hotels Copenhagen are design wonders!

Places to Visit in Budapest

Linda Voltaire30 Oct, 2019Travel

Budapest – The Beautiful Surprise! I went to Budapest for business, without any expectations or time to research the places to visit in Budapest. To combine business and pleasure, I decided to stay two extra days to explore this city and figure out what to do in Budapest! A decision I am not regretting. Budapest, you surprised me in so many ways and only from a positive point of view! Sometimes spontaneous trips are the best!

Best Things To Do in Paros

Linda Voltaire21 Oct, 2019Travel

14 Best Things To Do In Paros For An Authentic Island Experience! Greece might be the most popular summer destination in southern Europe and with good reason. With destinations like party island Mykonos and romantic volcanic beauty Santorini, there’s so much to enjoy in this beautiful country. On my Paros travel guide, you’ll see what I love from this authentic Greek island. I hope you enjoy the best things to do in Paros!

Hipster Places Los Angeles

Linda Voltaire17 Oct, 2019Travel

Top 12 Glam & Hipster Places in Los Angeles! Time for some California Dreaming! Los Angeles is a huge city, so much that its neighborhoods are basically cities of their own. While it might not have the romantic charm of San Francisco, it’s still a great American metropolis with so much to offer. There are seemingly endless things to do in Hollywood LA, as all the movie glitz and glamour cover the town. There are also plenty of hipster places Los Angeles to try new flavors, hang out and even find celebrities!

Instagram Spots in Madrid

Linda Voltaire15 Oct, 2019Travel

20 Stunning Instagram Spots In Madrid That You Have To See! Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world, with millions of tourists flying in every year. While many choose to head to the Baleares during the summer, there’s a charm to the capital – and it’s just as fun year-round. Vibrant, metropolitan and beautiful, there are plenty of Instagram spots in Madrid to spend an afternoon taking snaps. From heavily touristic spots to hidden gems full of locals. There’s something for everyone among the best photo spots Madrid!

Best Design Hotels Amsterdam

Linda Voltaire14 Oct, 2019Travel

My 2 Favorite Amsterdam Hotels: Dutch Tradition In The 21st Century! Amsterdam is one of the most beloved tourist destinations in western Europe, and it has the charm to pull it off. Between the canals, bikes, and flowers, you’ll find cute cafés and restaurants on every corner. The city’s size makes it very walkable, or you can just use the Dutch’s preferred medium of transportation – the bike! Each area is so unique and full of personality, and the best design hotels Amsterdam are scattered. There are so many beautiful boutique hotels in Amsterdam.

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