Wholesale Packaging Increase The Sales Of Your Trade Market

Intrepid Sourcing12 Jan, 2019Business

Buying a product in a single piece is always way too expensive when compared to the products in a bulk order. When the manufacturing units get a bulk order, they will use the same materials but in larger quantities to create the result.

White Label Services - Use Them To Grow Your Business

Intrepid Sourcing22 Dec, 2018Business

The White Label Services is an excellent marketing strategy to create a product or service which is branded again by another business. When I decided to start a business, white labeling services offered me with a variety of options.

Why Quality Assurance Process Maintain The Quality Of Services And Products?

Intrepid Sourcing21 Dec, 2018Business

The Quality Assurance Services allows you to understand whether a product or service caters to the standard or quality that you wish to deliver to the customers.

References for Chinese Media:An Overview

Intrepid Sourcing19 Dec, 2018Entertainment

An overview on different media outlets covering China extensively, giving you the opportunity to stay up-to-date with respect to recent developments and in-depth analyses.

How Do You Calculate Total Manufacturing Costs Of Product?

Intrepid Sourcing14 Dec, 2018Business

Evaluating the total manufacturing cost of the product involves complex calculations. Studying the Product Costing Methods can help you to calculate the amount.

You Approach A Manufacturer With Your Product Idea

Intrepid Sourcing14 Dec, 2018Business

For Prototype Manufacturing, I have to approach the manufacturers at first. Knowing how to sell the proposal can turn things in my favor. The process of Prototype Manufacturing Explained by Highway 1 and I was thrilled to find out more about approaching the manufacturers.

Manufacturing History: China’s Industry Development

Intrepid Sourcing12 Dec, 2018Business

China’s manufacturing industry is best known for high-volume production of electrical goods. However, the Silk Road is one example of the long history of manufacturing within China.

Relationship Between Prototype Manufacturing And CNC Machining

Intrepid Sourcing11 Dec, 2018Business

With the help of precision CNC machining and rapid Prototype Manufacturing, the team will ensure that the ideas and designs are subject to make some senses in the real world within a few more days.

Supply Chain Can Expand Your Market and Improve the Risk Management

Intrepid Sourcing10 Dec, 2018Business

You have to be sure of the Supplier Risk Management Solutions, which can help in expanding the market value and improve risk management. This is not the first time I am introduced to the field of supply chain and I am well aware of the risk management section over here.

Labor Costs in China: Implications of Rising Wages

Intrepid Sourcing07 Dec, 2018Business

Chinese manufacturers have been automating their processes to complement their more skilled workers, reducing their overall prices. This trend will persist in the near- and mid- terms due to the tremendous work force potential in the hinterlands.

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