Hire Dream Design Property Professionals for Getting Profitable Property Investment Solutions

Dream Design Property16 Sep, 2019Real Estate

Avail best property investment and management solutions from one of the leading real estate consultants, Dream Design Property in Australia. The company started in 2011 by wealth development coach and real estate expert, Zaki Ameer. So, get in touch with us for any property related requirement across Australia, we are bound to come up with tailor-made solutions.

Hire Property Agent like Dream Design Property to Sell House in Australia in Stress-free Manner

Dream Design Property11 Sep, 2019Real Estate

If you want to sell your home in Australia in the most profitable manner, there are two ways: selling house at auction or via private sale. Private sale is the process in which a customer hires the services of real estate consultant like Dream Design Property and the company completes all selling related formalities on company’s behalf. In the other process i.e. auction, at a predetermined date and time, interested buyers arrive at the home and bid for client’s property.

Benefits of Investing in Australia Real Estate Property Market

Dream Design Property11 Sep, 2019Real Estate

Real estate investment is one of the most profitable forms of investments. It is one such kind of investment which gives unprecedented returns with time if a person invests money at the right time and at the right place. If a person is interested in making overseas investment, it is prudent to choose the country and area wisely where he will get better rental yields and capital appreciation with time.

Glamorous jewellery designer is banned from contacting her ex-boyfriend amid claims she 'went to his

Dream Design Property05 Sep, 2019Business

A property tycoon has taken out an AVO against his jewellery designer girlfriend after she allegedly entered his apartment block at 2am and buzzed his intercom for five hours. Nour Issa, a member of Sydney's wealthy Gazal clan, was accused of the evening incident at her ex-fiance Zaki Ameer's Potts Point apartment block the end of last year.

Has JBish swapped politics for professional party-going?

Dream Design Property05 Sep, 2019News

She attended the InStyle & Audi Women of Style Awards in a daring red dress and sat in the coveted ‘frow’ at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week but Julie Bishop insists she’s not a socialite.Never one to turn down an invitation, the former foreign minister has been hopping from one party to another in recent weeks. Attending everything from charity balls, to fashion soirees, after parties and ladies luncheons, she’s managed to keep herself busy since her exit from Parliament.

Are You Looking for Commercial Loans? This Guide will Help You

Dream Design Property29 Aug, 2019Real Estate

For buying commercial property in Australia, many people apply for commercial property loan under different heads. The lending policies and amount of loan significantly vary from commercial loan to residential loan. However, the basic rule is banks approve 80% of property value as loan value to both residents and non-residents of Australia.

A Guide about Where to Buy Property in Australia

Dream Design Property29 Aug, 2019Real Estate

Stating one city better than other for buying a property in Australia is not fair. It is because every city has its pros and cons and overall property market of the country is good, so it hardly matters whether a person is buying property in Brisbane or Sydney. What matters is the purpose of buying a property. This guide will help you in choosing the right location for buying a property in the country as per your requirements.

Hire Trustworthy Real Estate Agents to Make Real Estate Investment in a Foreign Land

Dream Design Property16 Aug, 2019Real Estate

Making property investment overseas is a smart investment both from financial and personal point of view. But the moot question arises where to buy? Are all foreign countries equally good to make property investment? The answer is NO. Several factors like climatic conditions, cost of living, property tax, government policies, etc., need to consider thoroughly before deciding the place of investment. Australia is a popular choice for making property investment both by residents and non-residents. Affordable land prices and liberal rules and regulations for non-residents are two factors attracting foreign investment in the country.

Property Agents Hold Expertise Knowledge about Australian Real Estate Property Market

Dream Design Property14 Aug, 2019Real Estate

The property buying rules differ for residents and non-residents in India. Same holds strong in case of Australian real estate property market also. If you are not an Australian resident, you cannot invest in every piece of land. Let’s take a brief look on residential property buying rule for Australian residents and non-residents.

Make Sound Property Investment in Australia with Dream Design Property

Dream Design Property13 Aug, 2019Real Estate

Dream Design Property is one of the well-established firms in Australia offering property investment and management solutions to worldwide clients. Since its inception, the company has been offering end-to-end solutions to its clients which include finding the right property, initiating conversation with prospective buyer, making negotiations to completing all legal formalities. Not to mention, all these services are offered at the most competitive price range and within stipulated time frame.

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