The Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) Basics You Need To Know

Lisa Taylor20 Apr, 2019Real Estate

Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) is a private governing body under which property is managed, held, administered, and invested. In DST many investment properties are combined together to form a trust, and the investor is allowed to buy the shares of trust according to his capacity. DSTs are mostly preferred because under this investor has a regular income even for small investments. You can know more about DST at

1031 Exchange Properties List, 1031 Properties e Book -

Lisa Taylor03 Apr, 2019Real Estate

1031 Sponsors shall connect you with your personal 1031 Exchange expert who will provide you the most current 1031 Properties list available in the market.We have compiled a large, detailed list of 1031 exchange investments from top sponsors over the past few years for your review. These past offerings are very similar to current offerings.

1031 self storage properties List, 1031 properties –

Lisa Taylor22 Mar, 2019Real Estate

Are you looking for space for personal storage properties? 1031sponsors help you finding self-storage properties for your 1031 Exchange. 1031 sponsors understand it and help you in acquiring self-storage properties for your 1031 Exchange. Fill the form and get your personal storage space.

Florida Multifamily Portfolio DST -

Lisa Taylor13 Mar, 2019Real Estate

Florida Multifamily Portfolio DST Cypress Pointe Apartments | Rivertree Apartment Homes FLORIDA Beneficial Interests: $36,472,643 Offering Price: $76,496,643 Loan Proceeds: $40,024,000 Current Cash Flow.Florida Multifamily Portfolio DST, also known as the Parent Trust, is a newly formed Delaware statutory trust and an affiliate of Inland Private Capital Corporation (IPC).The Parent Trust indirectly owns a portfolio of two multifamily properties located in Orange Park and Riverview, Florida

What is 1031 Real Estate Investment Trust

Lisa Taylor07 Mar, 2019Real Estate

A real estate investment trust, or “REIT” for short, is a commonly used corporate structure for holding large portfolios of investment properties. REITs receive special tax treatment due to the fact they are required to pay 90% of their taxable income as dividends to shareholders and 75% of the gross income must come from the REIT’s property holdings.

Connect with 1031 exchange intermediary for tax deferment|

Lisa Taylor05 Mar, 2019Real Estate

1031 exchange of real estate investment is continuously benefiting the investment section. help customers to defer taxes and make better investment decisions. Most of our customers are in the process of selling or have sold investment real estate and they are looking for properties to strategically reinvest their capital into that will generate income while deferring their capital gains taxes under IRC 1031 which is called 1031 Exchange

What is a DST? How to compare them?

Lisa Taylor04 Mar, 2019Real Estate

Before we delve into the process of evaluating a DST, it’s important to understand DST investment inside out. You could be familiar with the perks of a DST investment. However, there are also equal chances of you being completely unaware of this unique investment method. In the case you belong to the latter category, a DST or a Delaware Statutory Trust is a private governing agreement formed solely for business purposes.

Qualified Intermediary​ Explained in detail

Lisa Taylor01 Mar, 2019Real Estate

The U.S. Treasury adopted regulations in 1991 which govern Section 1031 “like-kind” Exchanges. Since then, many thousands of investors have utilized IRC 1031 exchanges to defer capital gain taxes on the sale of their business, investment or income property with the assistance of a professional Qualified Intermediary (“QI”).

1031 Exchange – Benefits and Requirements

Lisa Taylor28 Feb, 2019Real Estate

Over the years, 1031 exchanges have gained tremendous popularity among real estate investors. The reason is obvious. 1031 exchanges or tax-deferred exchanges let investors defer capital gains taxes on exchanging like-kind properties. From like-kind, we mean properties that are similar in nature. For example, a rental property can only be exchanged for another rental property in a 1031 exchange. But, how a 1031 exchange takes place? Before we get to that, let’s find out the requirements of 1031 exchanges.

Live a relaxed and secured life through tenents in common.

Lisa Taylor25 Feb, 2019Real Estate

‘Tenancy in common (TIC)’ is a special type of agreement under which two or more investors own a single property. TIC provides undivided ownership of property to its investors. It is an arrangement that allows the investor to invest in the property even if he/ she has small amount of money.

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