3doriginalart09 Jul, 2020Art

Hand made unique 3D Decoupage art pictures, special editions original art, Judaica, figurative Israeli art, based on original photography combining photography artwork with sculpting. Every picture is framed, numbered and signed personally by Naama, and is part of a special, hand made limited edition. Visit Naama for more 3d original art at

Tips For Hiring The Right Freelance Graphic Designer

Polly Playford09 Jul, 2020Art

If you are looking for a new logo, a stunning web-page or an attention-seeking advertisement, you got to hire a freelance graphic designer. You can get amazing service at a affordable rate.

Claudia Fernandis acclaimed as the best wedding Photographer in Los Angeles

Ksphotograph08 Jul, 2020Art

Claudia Fernandis has to her advantage rich experience of 5 years in wedding photography in Los Angeles and she excels in showcasing wedding styles.

Tattoo Artists Melbourne

Iso Brisbane08 Jul, 2020Art

Finding the right artist for your next tattoo can be a daunting task. Here at Vivid Ink Tattoos, you can rest easy at the hands of the best tattoo artists in Melbourne. They will work with you in going through the intricacies of your design, delivering only the best in the business.

Home interior design services by Dream Studio

Poojashirude07 Jul, 2020Art

Make your home more attractive and pleasant with Dream Studio interior designer. At Dream studio, We aim to provide a modified and customized design that satisfy our customer’s imagination.

Why do you need to Buy Trophies from an Online Trophy Store?

Albertthomasniit07 Jul, 2020Art

You have got two options that are- traditional store or online trophy store. It is suggested to buy from an online store. Do you want to explore the merits of buying trophies online? If yes, then you need to keep yourself hooked to this lesson.

7 Ocean Inspired Pours for Beach Lovers

Acrylicpouring07 Jul, 2020Art

Do you remember those amazing days of sitting on the beach with your loved one enjoying the scenic view of the ocean? Wow! what an incredible time it was. Everybody’s desperately waiting to enjoy those moments again. Unfortunately, this global pandemic has locked everyone into their homes. Click the link to know more about us.

Make Your Hobby as Your Profession with Pastel Art Tutorial

Pastel Art Prints07 Jul, 2020Art

Its time to turning your hobby into a business. If you love art or paintings then show your creativity on a professional scale. For the beginners watch out our pro tips that guide you on how to start a painting. For pastel art tutorials visit our website now.

Explore the Personal Art collection of Elie Hirschfeld at New York Historical Society

Eliehirschfelds06 Jul, 2020Art

The real estate developer, philanthropist and art collector Elie Hirschfeld shares his excitement and love for the collection he donated to the New York Historical Society, which depicts the city and its landmarks he cherishes deeply. 130-piece collection, Scenes of New York City, includes 113 works by 82 artists who are not currently represented in the Historical Society’s collection.

Why are Trophies and Medals Necessary for People?

Albertthomasniit06 Jul, 2020Art

Besides, whether it is a competition or any honoring ceremony, these trophies and medals are always required. You can easily find trophy shop online and buy them whenever you want them.

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